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Shalom, my name is Liliana Ghiani and I am an international yoga teacher since 2014.

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My life used to be much different then now, I used to work as a Lawyer and be “ the soul of the party ” enjoining lots of events to try to distress my mind and release my tensions, connected to a really demanding job.

One day, 11 years ago’, I started feeling my body very tight and I also used to suffer from chronic back pain due to scoliosis and in addiction my stressful life generated a sever endocrine system imbalance. My Doctor, in London, suggested to me a lifetime drug to balance my thyroid.

She was a GP originally from India.

At the age of 32 I felt that all my legal studies and political sciences masters were not helping me in taking care of myself, and I felt I wanted to seek alternative methods to self- heal.

I have been always curious about different cultures and I started reading more about ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. I took several acupuncture sessions. However the biggest change happened when I joined my first hot yoga class in London. The sequence is made of 26 postures with two breathing exercises and after few sessions I felt completely reborn, the heat in the room helped me to sweat and detoxify. The hot yoga was giving my heart, lungs, muscles an even greater, more intense workout. Through the humidity combined with the high temperature I increased faster my flexibility by slowly stretching out my muscles. I have been uncomfortable and dizzy for the first 4 months of practice. The heat helped me to detoxify and made my muscles more elastic by warming them up and delivering more oxygen to them, as a result of six months of devoted practice I freed my body from chronic pain. I modified my spinal structure, which is now straighter and more flexible. The chronic stiffness in my neck disappeared, I could finally sleep well and, because all the asanas are able to promote an internal vital organs massage, I also managed to balance my thyroid in a natural way in such a short time and without medicines, isn’t a beautiful story?

I went back to Indian Doctor after 6 months. She opened and read my new blood tests and she was speechless.

I felt extremely grateful because, by struggling through yoga, I got an healthy body back and a much more relaxed mind. Being in contact with Mother India’s philosophy made a huge impact on my life.


Rishikesh 2015 I was living there with my Indian family Shiva Tattva where I could study 500 hours of Hatha yoga with Yogi Sachin and yogi Yashpal Routela .

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