Self-Lifting Face Yoga Method by Liliana Ghiani

Try to guess how old I am… The answer will be in the article

Face yoga is a method of self-lifting face muscles that leads you to a natural bio-rejuvenating process based on the skin cells stimulation with the effect to reverse the unwanted aging process of the skin.

We all know that age, exposure to the sunlight, pollution, stress, low quality make up and wrong habits can speed up the senescent stage and no matter how much expensive your face creams are, sometimes they have not the power to give you back your elastic, soft and wrinkles-free skin… but don’t worry and be happy!

As a yoga teacher, I want to invite you to embrace the aging phase in a positive way. The experience and awareness come from maturity and if you, like me, had already started your yoga path, you must know that the years go by and you feel more and more enriched.

If you had not yet, I hope my experience and my words can encourage you to totally love your-self and start this path at any age with me.

My method is simple and effective 100 per cent and it will require committing just 10/15 minutes in the morning 10 in the evening.

Why does it work?
Because this technique strengthen the metabolism of your skin cells and it stimulates them to produce elastin and collagen in your dermis.

The method is based on the synergy of different actions:

1 ) Drink lots of water (we are made of 70% of it and hydration is a must) and eat well, particularly the food that increase the elasticity of your skin (potatoes contains selenium / salmon and blue fish contain omega 3 and fat acid / yellow and orange color crops and fruit stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, as they are very rich in vitamin A / all the citrus fruits super anti oxidant and repair damages from the sun exposure / tomatoes, green tea, dry fruit, avocado, cucumbers, all the berries, turkey. Sometimes a glass of red wine drunk in moderation is also antioxidant thanks to its polyphenol!).

2) Practice yoga and meditation to help your face to relax.

Did you know that the tension in your face and neck, which is a sign of stress, blocks the regular blood flow and its nourishment? The muscles become tense and sore.

Your awareness is your first step to the solution…

Daily take a chance to meditate, for your soul, mind and your beautiful face.

3) Daily exercise your neck and face exactly like any other part of your body.

Have you ever seen those beautiful middle-aged women in their 50, 60, 70 and even older in a fantastic body shape? You can also obtain the same results with your facial features.

Try to guess how old I am… The answer will be in the article


If you want to know more about how to preserve your beauty and to learn how to self-lift your face, feel free to contact me.

And by the way, I’m 45 years old!


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