Do you know that a yoga mat can be an invisible threat to your health?


“Namaste Everyone” I’m Liliana, I am the founder of Soulmat.

I discovered 100.000/cm². This is the number of bacteria which can settle on your yoga mat after your practice.
Yoga is one of the healthiest activities you can start to feel good and heal your body, to gain back the range of movement that your body is designed to have and to develop qualities of mind such as patience, hope, faith, love.
But what are the benefits if while practicing the activity you love, you can develop diseases ?yoga 11 years ago. Back then, I used to be a lawyer in London and had a very stressful life. Besides, I used to suffer from chronic back pain due to scoliosis and hyperthyroidism which I did not want to treat through traditional medicine.

One day a friend of mine took me to a hot yoga class, and I have to say it was just love at first sight! In only six months of daily yoga practice I balanced my hormones, and freed my body from pain. I remember the Doctor had told me that I should have taken medication for all my life…

In this New York Times article, Dr Greg E. Cohen, a podiatrist from the Long Island College Hospital tells us he has seen a 50% strike in patients with athlete’s foot and plantar warts.

The likely culprit ? Unclean exercise mats

Yoga can be a pretty intense activity and promotes the body’s detoxing process by sweating;

The truth is that the sweat collected and absorbed by your personal mat is a perfect Paradise for germs and bacteria
We want to practice yoga to get the maximum benefits in the safest environment possible, and Soulmat has been created for this purpose: your health. Our solution that prevents you from infections.

Some solutions exist… But they’re not efficient.
Ransing the yoga mat with water  is not enough to eliminate the germs.
Cleaning the mat after the practice is exhausting and, certainly, not efficient, infact  using a cloth and tea tree oil can help to remove some weak germs, but the most harmful will stay in the mat.


And even sometimes they’re toxic for the environment.

We need a yoga mat helping you to practice the activity you love, with a free mind and body.

That’s why we created SoulMat ™


WHat is SoulMat?

Soulmat is 4.5 mm thick, strong, velvet touch yoga mat made of natural rubber and cork from Sardinia, provided with a revolutionary nanotechnology that makes the first germ, bacteria and mold free mat in the world, with just one application, for at least one year.
Thanks to our partnership with Protkt, leader in nanotech, we can guarantee a 99.9% decrease of pathogens in your mat
It has also been proven by an independent laboratory, it antiviral activity against Sars Cov 2.

inspired by nature

15 years ago, scientists started to observe some insects showing good defense agains microbes. They discovered that their wings contained some kind of “microscopic pillars” which charge could attract bacteria enveloppe and perforate it.
After years of research and tests, they developped the same technology creating Protkt, a revolutionnary nano-technology.
Protkt is already developped in the food industry, in hospitals and airline companies. It’s a anti-microbial coat that, when sprayed on any surface, protects it against any type of germs.

a revolutionnary tech

We created Soulmat because we were shocked of how things were in the yoga world. Our nano-technology not only is perfectly hygienic, but also sustainable.
The annual treatment of our mat reduces dratically the numer of biocides released in the environment. Moreover, the very slow abrasion of our nanotechnologic protection will release 100% of harmless compounds : mostly Silicium (sand), carbon dioxyde (CO2) and water.
Which leaves only two components : natural cork, and natural rubber.