5 easy steps to create your course online (on remote) and do some cash … or just for Free ❤

Dedicated to the inspiring Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher Liliana Ghiani from Hot Yoga Sardegna

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Hi everyone, so here a simple guidance on how to create your courses online and manage your community without too much technical record. I’ve tried to keep it as simple possible with a step by step article and some cool tips.

1 / Don’t Be Scared of Technology

Create yourself a comfortable space with enough light and aspire to inspire 🙂

2 / Find a comfy room with enough space and light

This App is called Zoom but you can use other Free Apps to create a Streaming Live Course. Download it for free to your phone or laptop Zoom.us

Try to guess how old I am… The answer will be in the article


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And by the way, I’m 45 years old!


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