5 easy steps to create your course online (on remote) and do some cash … or just for Free ❤

Dedicated to the inspiring Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher Liliana Ghiani from Hot Yoga Sardegna

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Hi everyone, so here a simple guidance on how to create your courses online and manage your community without too much technical record. I’ve tried to keep it as simple possible with a step by step article and some cool tips.

1 / Don’t Be Scared of Technology

Create yourself a comfortable space with enough light and aspire to inspire 🙂

2 / Find a comfy room with enough space and light

This App is called Zoom but you can use other Free Apps to create a Streaming Live Course. Download it for free to your phone or laptop Zoom.us

3 / Choose the App to Stream Live

There is many options here, but we decided to use the popular app called Zoom since it is working pretty well even for large audience. The program itself is Free to download and you can even use it for FREE but limited Live Session to 40 minutes only :/

In our case we needed 1 hour online course, so we upgraded to the Monthly subscription that cost $14.99/mo/host. Still we do recommend this application since overall very stable and easy to use.

Still this option requires from your audience to download the app but Zoom offers you great statistics and reports.

Download Zoom App

The second option that does not required from your audience to download any apps is Free and called Google Hangouts.

— — — — — Please find another option below — — — — —



This tool is really easy to use:
As soon as you click on the Video icon, so it will pop up a window requesting your permission to use your camera and microphone that you will need to allow then you will have the possibility to invite people by ‘Copy Link to Share’.
To stream a Live Video to your audience, please make sure that your camera works properly and that the sound settings are correct. If needed, so connect a camera and a microphone to your device. We recommend to use earphones with microphone integrated such AirPods or Sony WF 1000XM3 (the one I personally use that beat Apple big time 🙂 https://www.sony.com/electronics/truly-wireless/wf-1000xm3

4 / Manage your Events & Community

The best tool ever for this is called EVENTBRITE 🙂 If your course is Free so you can use it for FREE to create your events very easily. But you have also the possibility to create paid courses and they will take a small commission on it.


5 / Manage your Events & Community

EventBrite made lot of effort to create a platform that is easy to use. When you create an event so you will need to start by the basic information such the date and the time of the event. This is a very important part!

Make sure also to follow all the steps that appears on the left bar to create your event properly and MOST IMPORTANT to copy paste your Zoom Link in the Digital Links section by adding your Livestream Link that you created before on Zoom app or Google Hangouts 🙂

…. and Promote your Events:

Your audience will be able then to register to your events that you can promote easily on any social networks:

www.facebook.com (on your wall or even create also a Facebook event)

www.instagram.com (to Add the link on your profile and post a nice post inviting your audience to register to the event by clicking the link on your profile + add some cool photos)

www.tiktok.com (Very popular these days and allows you to create interactive content and stories where you can announce about your coming soon events)

You can Boost your Post on Facebook and Instagram to get even more popular 🙂

et Voila!

Hope this article helps you and that you will create successfully some cool events. Feel free to add your questions and comments on this article and I will try my best to answer all your questions.


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Be water my friends and Keep zen,

Ilan & Liliana

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